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Giving Back


Step 12 of the Recovery Program is about giving back to the program. Helping others who are newcomers or struggling members also helps in your own recovery. Here are just a few ways of giving back and sharing your knowledge and experience to help others.


Go to Meetings

Will you be there when a new member walks into the room? Meeting attendance is critical for both your recovery and that of a newcomer or another member in the room. You never know when your therapy or concern will make a positive impact to another member in need. Listening and giving your undivided attention when another member is sharing with the group is being courteous and something someone else shares may help you in your recovery.

Be More Active in Your Meetings

If you are beyond your first 90 days, consider volunteering to chair a meeting. Volunteers are always needed for other Trusted Servant roles in meetings such as secretary, treasurer, and public relations, to name a few. Talk to your meeting secretary about how you can be of service.



Become a Sponsor

Sponsorship gives you an opportunity to work with another member on the 12-Steps of the Recovery Program. It is important for a newcomer or anyone in the program to have someone they feel comfortable calling for help. There is literature available for sale in the store at the website that is specifically written to help sponsors and sponsees work the 12-Steps.

Hotline Volunteer

The GA Hotline is an information line that connects directly callers with Gamblers Anonymous members who can provide times and locations of Gamblers Anonymous meetings and other information.

Who answered the call when YOU needed help? The GA Hotline needs you!

Ask at your meeting for information on how you can volunteer to help.

Other Trusted Servant Positions

Gamblers Anonymous almost always needs members to step up and give their time and talents to help the organization operate and evolve. Check with the secretary of your meeting, the chair of the Intergroup or Trustee to see if they are aware of any openings. Let them know your interests so they can keep you in mind when an opportunity knocks.

Check the Trustee website at and volunteer to be on a committee. You do not need to be a Trustee to serve on a Trustee Committee.

Finally, consider being a member of the Board of Regents. The only requirement is that you have two years of not gambling.

Remember, Gamblers Anonymous is a fellowship and all of the work in the organization is done by its members. The rewards of giving back to the program and making a difference are awaiting you.

Financial Support

Gamblers Anonymous is self-supporting through the contributions of its members. It does not accept outside contributions. Each meeting room accepts contributions to support the activities of Gamblers Anonymous.

As a member of Gamblers Anonymous you can directly provide financial support to the I.S.O. by becoming a Life-Liner though a one-time or monthly donation. Ask your meeting secretary for a Life-Liner form or download the Life-Liner bulletin at and complete the form located on the back page of the bulletin.

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